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The annual Panda Players Quiz will be held online again this year to ensure

we can keep all participants safe and still have the fun of the quiz.

(We did it this way last year and everyone seemed to enjoy it and think it worked well.)

The following is an explanation of how it all works and how to enter your Team.

  • Gather your Team of family and friends.  A Team can consist of several households who will meet via Zoom with the Quiz Master.  One household is the Team Leader who makes the arrangements to enter the Team.  Each Team takes part in their own separate quiz session.

  • How to enter a Team:​

1. Book a time slot through TicketSource via this link


Make a note of the TicketSource Booking Reference.  Your Team number will be shown on your booking.

2.  Register your Team on the form available via this link


The form will indicate the total cost of your Team’s entry based on how many households comprise your Team (£10 per household).

3 Pay the Entry Fee (done by the Team Leader) by Bank Transfer to;

Account Name:  The Panda Players

Sort Code:  401712

Account Number:  51468022

Reference:  use the TicketSource Booking Reference for this.

  • The Team Leader will pay for the whole Team’s entry.  (The Team Leader will advise each of their Team’s households on how to reimburse them.)

  • Once you have done all this, you and your registered Team households will be sent a Zoom meeting link for your chosen time slot.

  • Taking Part in the Quiz:

  • At the start of your Team’s booked Zoom session, the Quiz Master will go through the general rules and then start the quiz.  Once started the quiz will run without stopping.

  • The quiz is in two parts with a built-in five minute break between the two parts.

  • You will need to choose someone in your team to fill in your answers in the online answer sheets as you play the quiz.  Then, at the end of each part, you will have two minutes to complete and submit your answer sheet.  (It would be easier for the person completing the answer sheets to have a separate computer/tablet from the one being used for the Zoom meeting.)

  • The links to the answer sheets are below



If you have any questions about the quiz or how to enter your Team, please email djm01panda@gmail.com for advice or help.