Panda Players 2021 Autumn Treasure Trail


The correct answers were  Marcus Reidel, Musician;  Cricket Bat;  The Old Mill

and the winner of the draw for £20 was Colin Gibson

Clue No.


























Clue Text

Under the sign of the horse and plough rearrange what you get 24hrs of to find a suspect to eliminate from your enquiries.

Shielded above where a king or a judge may be, what's wrapped around an item related to the image at Vicarage Gate is not the weapon used.

The father of the man who for three score years made incision decisions has the same firstname as another suspect who is not the murderer.

Rearrange what must be displayed in a windscreen to identify another person who is innocent.

Two small places to pray and above one use the 2nd number of "built" and sum the 1st and last numbers of "enlarged" to find two letters, using  num code, to indicate a weapon to dismiss.

Find this image and look above to find a place where the murder was not committed.

Does God or a member of the peerage live here? Where it's not bumpy in words rearranged will provide short names for another innocent person.

Where three times it costs nowt, when you're out and about and multiple people can rest, you'll find there a name, in memory of same, and it's someone you cannot arrest.

A trough outside "jeers well" anagram has a sign attached.  Use the sum of Maggie's numbers to pick out the word on the sign to discover another weapon not used.

Find where you could buy a book with a slot no longer used.  Rearrange two words above "release" but without an old penny to find this unusual means of killing that wasn't utilised.

Look around you, but do not move and with grace you will spot the key below which the board's last word arranged will spell a person to eliminate.

Above the name of Shakespeare's forest in "As You Like It", the third and fourth letters in the word above give the initials of a place to dismiss.

Where the beer once flowed freely, find something steely and there in its corners are words similar to part of a weapon to discard.

No crossing's required to see a place with a chime since almost quarter past four it transpires and if you read its notice it will tell you with large another location not used.

Two ERr is human, but calculate the number of hours difference between the last possible daily time and the last Saturday time. Then add together the digits of the last Monday to Friday time.  These numbers, using NUM CODE, will give the initials of an occupation for a person to discount.

Find this image, then, hidden in text behind a Tring Local History Society circular blue sign, discover the name of another location to exclude.

Take shelter here while you wait around and use NUM CODE to find the date, BJJI.  Above you'll see the name of a location not used for murder.

You'll have a laugh when you find this clue!  Now rearrange the designer's name for a weapon you can remove.

A dove of peace flies overhead where the only "U" name will help identify another innocent person,

By 1940 you can sit in memory of Violet whose last name sounds like part of a weapon to dismiss.

Move on four years and discover, under a tank, a hidden name of a person to eliminate from your enquiry.

Find an archer from Nottingham still working for good and rearrange his "do good" day to reveal another blameless person.

Where Ben Brown hides there's a clue above to a famous Shakespearean quote which contains a reference to weapons not used for the murder.

Find some pens with which you cannot write and, nearby, what operated for 100 years will provide your final place to disregard.


Guard Response

rope around anchor on the shield above the arch at Sutton Court

William Pope on gravestone

valid badge

"7 from BUILT = H
1+9 from ENLARGED = K"

George House

"Flat One
Nate Flo"

bench outside library

eighth word on the sign = SHANKS

coin drops

"lion & key
The Old



large beer garden"

"7pm to 12 noon = 17 hours
5:30 = 8
letters identified = PI"

text behind blue plaque at the Rose & Crown

sign on seat shelter

"Mansion Vista blue plaque
ha-ha / Christopher Wren"

"Second World War List
Cyril Winston Umney"

Violet Jenny Purdy

France.  Paris is liberated

"Robin Hood
Weekly Charity Quiz

Two Bees at No. 6

"Museum blue plaque
1893 to 1993"



Angus Pedreros, Professor


William Wallace,

David Belga,
Investment Banker

Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol

George House

Nathan Florence,

Tom Grace,



Signor Monre,

Football Club

Wrecking Bar

Beer Garden

Arthur Noble,
Private Investigator

Henekeys Steak House

The Mansion

Perthshire Crown Paperweight

Cyril Winston, Photographer

Purdey Bolt-action Rifle

Ari Sisli,

Andy Swede, Ambassador

Slings and Arrows

Livestock Market