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in JUNE 2024

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The Storyline

UNPROMPTED unfolds during the Annual General Meeting of an amateur theatre company.
In a desperate attempt to revive their dwindling membership the company have jammed all of their social events into one in order to fool the members to attend…that and the social secretary has only just been appointed.
The group is on the brink of collapse; they face financial ruin, bad reviews, and an absurd demand for better seating from NODA. A core group of determined members have braved the weather warnings and have made their way to a cute cottage in the middle of nowhere to “enjoy” what they can, even with their kids in tow.
The party soon turns to chaos as secrets unravel, old rivalries emerge and unexpected surprises await as the arrival of a children's Clown sets off a chain of events, that will transform lives forever.
How will they improvise their way out trouble this time? How will they all deal with their fatal flaws? And how will they get Alexa to stop playing Russ Abbot’s greatest hits?
UNPROMPTED offers a farcical glimpse into the chaotic world behind the scenes of an amateur performance society. With a diverse cast of adults, UNPROMPTED explores the hilarious and unexpected twists that you couldn’t even rehearse for. 

Directorial Team

Director - Matthew Dye

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