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Information Pack
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Audition Form
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Audition Day
Sunday 7th April 2024  10am to 1pm
  • It will not be necessary to learn the lines by heart, but you should demonstrate a clear knowledge of the audition piece so you can be observed  acting rather than just reading.
  • It will be a workshop audition, so all auditionees will be invited to attend at 10am on Sun 7th April and stay until Matthew, the Director, has seen what he needs to, with the latest finish time being 1pm.
  • Auditionees will get a chance to read for most, if not all parts they are interested in and work with most or all of the other auditionees throughout the process.  There will be an element of improvisation also, but Matthew will guide the way at the auditions.
Audition Pieces
Directorial Team

Director - Matthew Dye

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