Panda Players Vocal Competition 2021

Rules & Information

1.  How does the competition work?

  • You pay your Entry Fee, send in your Entry Form and record and submit your video.  (See How To Enter for details.  Any further information will be sent to you once your Entry Form has been received.)

  • We view, review and show your video (see sections below for more details).

  • ANYONE can enter the first round and the judges will vote their favourites through to the next round.

  • Round 2 will require you to record another video with a DIFFERENT song; we recommend you listen to the feedback from the judges before choosing your next song.

  • Please note, the judges MAY select a theme or ask for something specific depending on what they receive from everyone in the previous round.

  • Round 2 will again be viewed, reviewed and shown as per the first round and a selection of entrants will be chosen to go through to the FINAL round.

  • If selected for final round, you will again be asked to record a third, DIFFERENT song.  All entrants will be viewed, reviewed and their videos shown for the final time and winner from each category will be announced.

     Age Categories

         6 to 12 years;  13 to 18 years;  19 to 25 years;  26 years and over.


2.  How to record your video entry.

  • Make sure your camera is in LANDSCAPE mode.  

  • Record 5 SECONDS of Silence before you speak.

  • After the 5 seconds of silence, state your NAME, AGE, SOCIETY, SONG TITLE and the MUSICAL it comes from.

                     For example:  Hi, I'm JOHN SMITH, I am 21 years old, I'm a member of PANDA PLAYERS and I will be singing  STARS from LES MISERABLES

                     (Please keep it short.  You do not need to give any further details or explanation.)

  • Ideally, learn your words, but, if you need do need to, have them above and behind the camera so you can glance up when you really need to.

  • Try to look into the camera as much as possible.

  • Leave 5 SECONDS of Silence at the end of your video. 

     Additional Notes

  • Please only use the inbuilt microphone on your computer or mobile phone.  DO NOT use a separate microphone or specialised recording equipment.  Your performance should be done in one straight take, without cuts or edits and without any voice enhancers - we just want to see and hear you.

  • Choose a backing track suited to your voice.  DO NOT sing along with an original recording; we only want to hear your voice.

  • Make sure your music level is balanced with your vocal so we can hear you as well as the music.  We recommend you do a 30 second test before going for a full recording.

  • Try to select a song that suits your voice and experience; the more comfortable you are and the more relatable the song, the better your performance will be. 

  • The judges are not looking for people who can always hit the big notes and boom the loudest, they are looking for quality of performance.

  • Please try to choose a song that is at least 2 minutes long, but no longer than 4 minutes.

3.  What will happen to my video?

  • All videos will be held by Panda in a secure file until the competition is over.  All files will be deleted straight after the competition.

  • The judges will meet via a Zoom call held by at least two members of the Panda Committee.

  • The judges will watch all videos submitted, in their age groups and give feedback.  Once all videos have been watched and judged, the judges will decide who is going forward to the next round.

  • The judges’ decisions are FINAL.

  • All videos will be displayed, in their age categories on Zoom at a date and time that will be confirmed by Panda Players.  All participants and anyone to whom the give the link will be able to view for free.  At the end of this viewing the videos will be withdrawn from Zoom.

  • This process will be repeated for the following rounds.


4.  What will I get from the competition?

  • ALL entrants will receive a certificate for participating.

  • The winner of each category will receive a winner’s certificate; a winner’s badge; a bottle of bubbly or a box of chocolates (your age will determine this prize); a one year free membership of Panda Players starting 1st September 2021; and one free vocal session from one of our esteemed judges.

  • ALL entrants are welcome to a typed up copy of any feedback given by the judges; please note, you must request this on your application form.  ALL judges’ notes will be destroyed after the competition and you will be unable to receive them after this.

  • Exposure: although we cannot guarantee any future auditions or work, you are being seen and judged by those who work professionally in the industry, so give it your all.


5.  For those entering who are under the age of 18 years.

  • You must have the permission of your parent or guardian to enter, as your video will be shown to other adults and shown on a media platform.

  • Your parent or guardian MUST sign your application form and send your video in via their personal email with express permission for the video to be used, as per the rules stated here, for the Panda Players Vocal Competition.

  • Without the above we cannot accept your application and your fee will be non-refundable.


6.  Late entries

  • PLEASE NOTE: any entries, videos or fees received after MIDNIGHT on 31st March 2021 means your entry will not be accepted, your video will not be part of the competition and your fee will be non-refundable.

Competition Entry is now Closed

Check back here soon for more information as the competition progresses.

For reference, the Rules & Information are below.